Restoration of a quadruple Voss machine

This is an old quadruple Voss machine, restored by Alan Recce in 2009. The machine was in quite bad state, but most of the parts were in place (another view). Two of the original glass disks were replaced by vinyl records. This machine has 8 plates, the two at the front and back sides and the two central ones round and rotating. The front and back disks have four buttons for startup. The other two pairs, that are octagonal, have metal inductor plates mounted on them. Instead of Leyden jars, this machine uses plate capacitors for charge storage. The disks were rebuilt, all in glass, and varnished. The metal parts were cleaned and lacquered. The pictures below show the restored machine.

View from the door side.

View from the crank side.

The machine, out of the box: Front view, back view, side view. Note the switch that moves the neutralizers. In these pictures the inductor plates were mounted at the top and bottom of the machine (it does not work in this way). With the inductors rotated to the sides, the machine worked very well.

Final assembly.

The machine in operation, seen in the dark. Lots of sparks.

Created: 8 September 2009.
Last update: 8 September 2009.
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