A collection of electrostatic machines

This is a great collection of electrostatic machines and other instruments, belonging to Jaap Slikker, than sent the pictures in the beginning of 2010.

Instrument collection. In the picture can be seen a big multiple Wimshurst machine made by Ducretet, with four 80 cm disks, several other Wimshurst machines, Voss machines, friction machines, a Leyser machine, a small Carré machine, and other devices.

Double Ramsden friction machine.

A rare Leyser machine, in the version by Weinhold.

Duplex Holtz
A duplex Holtz machine (one of the central fixed disks missing). Signed by Bonnier, Bruxelles.

Double Holtz       Double Holtz
The same machine, with the second central disk restored. It is a very powerful machine, that works significantly better than a single version.

Carré machine.
Wommelsdorf 1       Wommelsdorf 2
Wommelsdorf machines.

Holtz, initial state
Holtz machine, signed by A. J. Schokking Jr. In restoration.

Holtz, front       Holtz, back  
The same Holtz machine, restored. Frontal and back views.

Holtz, detail       Holtz, detail   
Restored Holtz machine. Spark terminals and charge collector. It works, and produces 15 cm sparks.

Cylindric machineCylindric machine

Cylindric machine
A cylindric Wimshurst machine, Made by Dollond, 1888-1890. The asymmetrical charge collectors indicate Schaffers' structure (but then the neutralizers are inverted).  Note the double spark gap.

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By Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz