Translation to English of the paper:

Drude, P. "Uber induktive Erregung zweier elektrischer Schwingungskreise mit Anwendung auf Perioden und Dampfungsmessung, Tesla transformatoren und drahtlose Telegraphie", Annalen der Physik, pp. 512-561, vol. 13, 1904.

Plan: Scan the pages, OCR them, use an automatic translator, and finally edit the results. Produce a djvu document of the original paper and a pdf document of the translated paper.


Full text converted to djvu format.
Finished the first 2 (512-513) and the last 2 pages (560-561), saved as rtf files.
Pages 514 and 515 passed in an OCR program (corrected) and automatic translator (uncorrected).
Missing pictures and equations, to be added as graphic inserts.

The files are here.

Thanks to Kurt Schraner for the scanning, djvu conversion, and partial translation.

Started: 9/3/2001
Last update: 21/3/2001
Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz