The FDSZ program

The FDSZ program designs continuous-time and discrete-time filters (IIR), using several classical approximations. It also allows a generalized design procedure that can generate filters in a continuous range from the Butterworth to the Cauer approximations.

Discrete-time (digital) filters can be obtained from continuous-time approximations by the bilinear or LDI transformations. The program can also design a biquad cascade filter from the approximations. For digital filters, it computes also the multiplier values for a particular low-sensitivity structure.

The program was developed as a tool for the study of approximations for filters, and to generate digital filters to be used for the off-line processing of signal samples (the filtering program AnaWave is available below).

The use of the FDSZ program is free for academic or educational purposes. For commercial use, please contact the author.

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